Wifi Solutions

Aline Telecomms pride themselves on their Wifi consultancy. Here at Aline telecomms we don’t just fix your Wifi issues, We give you the best possible Wifi advice to suit the needs of your business or home. With over 40 years in the industry we have the knowledge and experience to design, install and manage the best solution for you. Aline Telecomms can guarantee the best Wifi solutions, We offer a free site survey to get a thorough plan of your property or business to determine the best Wifi solution for you. Aline Telecomms are able supply multiple options to improve your Wifi coverage throughout your property. From cottage to castle we have a solution.

When your WiFi is poor or the coverage has black spots or “Not Spots” the common solution is to install Powerline extenders, these simply plug into a 13 amp socket and the hope is it will boost your WiFi, these can work but they can also prove to be un-reliable, often not working at all, we can provide a reliable, consistent AND secure WiFi Solution.

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Wifi Mesh Solution

Aline Telecomms can supply a Wifi mesh solution from as little as £120 inc vat.

The WiFi sysems come in two options a small kit for the average home and the larger kit for larger properties. Included in the price is a three unit set which can be installed by our Wifi experts or you can install the system yourself. The benefit of a Wifi mesh system is that the Wifi units don’t need to be hard wired. Which means there is no need for any unsightly wiring running around your property.

The Wifi mesh solution is perfect for the everyday household as well as 4 storey houses , larger 5-6 bedroom houses as well as smaller businesses. The system is quick and easy to install, the system is controlled by a mobile app where you can check your system status and customise the system to the customers specification. The system connects wirelessly to each other creating a spider web effect, which means that each unit has the best possible internet connection. Each three unit pack has a maximum working area of 6000sqm. Additional WiFi units can be added to increase the coverage area and awkward property layouts. In addition, each unit has an ethernet outlet to provide a direct connection to Sky Q boxes, smart TV’s etc. A Wifi mesh system is a cost effective reliable Wifi solution.

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Wireless Access Points

Aline Telecomms are fully certified Ubiquiti installers, We supply and install a large range of Ubiquiti wireless access points including internal as well as external wireless access points.

Wireless Access Points are a bulletproof Wifi solution which we can guarantee you full 100% Wifi coverage for your property or business premises. The proper solution to WiFi in a business environment, from the general office to factory or warehouse, hotels, care homes and educational establishments. Capable of delivering wireless networking to several hundred devices where necessary, Aline telecomms offer fully managed Wifi networks using a Ubiquiti cloud key which allows us to fully manage your business network remotely.

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Installation Process 

Aline Telecomms engineers will check the reliability and quality of your broadband service, we can also provide broadband and leased line services. We will create your wireless networks to your specific requirements ( Wifi name and passwords), Then the engineers will run either a Cat5e cable or a cat6 cable from an installed POE networking switch to the desired location of the access point. All of the engineers at Aline Telecomms are fully trained and certified installers of network cabling ensuring the highest quality of workmanship throughout. The coverage is then checked, signal quality, data throughput and security are checked.

Our systems are remotely managed and monitored if required, allowing for system updates and problems emailed direct to us for prompt reactive service.

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Wireless Bridge Link

It is increasingly common to require internet access to remote locations, farm buildings, the home office/studio or games room.

Aline Telecomms have a lot of experience in providing this link. The simplest and very often the best value option is wireless, requiring a wireless point to point device at each location, which can be several hundred metres apart, or as much as 5 Kms. Multiple links are possible and no significant loss of data transfer rates and complete security. Wireless links do require line of sight from point to point, our engineers will provide a full site survey and advice on the best solution.

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