Case Studies

Aline Telecomms are fully certified Ubiquiti network installers, we provide and install a wide range of Ubiquiti products that offer either a point to point wireless link or a point to multipoint wireless link. From campsites to farm buildings no distance is too far for Aline Telecomms.

Here are a few examples of actual situations and solutions provided by Aline Telecomms.

The Royal Norfolk And Suffolk Yacht Club.

The Royal Norfolk and Suffolk Yacht club had fibre broadband installed at the marina and wanted to extend their WiFi so that members and visitors could access the internet from their boats on the marina. Aline Telecomms surveyed the site and came up with a solution.

Firstly the marina is tidal, with up to a 2M rise and fall so any wireless link would need to cope with this, It is also a salt water environment to contend with, plus being able to handle numerous wireless devices linking into it. The club was also concerned with protecting themselves against improper internet use, but, at the same time wanted to collect contact information for future promotions within the guide lines of GDPR.

Aline Telecomms installed stainless steel pillars, with power supplies onto the floating pontoons, with a wireless bridge to each, linking to the main club house, also on each pillar a wireless access point provides the WiFi connectivity to the moorings, users can now relax on their decks and enjoy about 75 megs of broadband. The WiFi was extended to cover the clubhouse and patio area.

Data collection is provided by a dedicated device which is GDPR compliant, presenting users with a launch pad with an image of the clubhouse, where they enter their details and have an option to go straight to the clubs website or to browse.

Not only has this installation been extremely successful but the club has been complimented on the quality of its WiFi.

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Take a farm yard for example, A wireless network link could be the solution for a number of issues. The wireless network link can be used to distribute the internet to IP CCTV cameras for the outbuildings. It can be used for monitoring equipment and also for boosting mobile signal across the farm yard. The possibilities are endless.

Holiday Let Cottages

At Tittleshall Manor Aline Telecomms installed 3 Wireless network links to distribute the internet to their holiday lets, This meant that everyone visiting the complex could have free internet whilst they stayed. It also allowed the whole site to be on the same wireless network.

Biogas Production Plant

Barley Brigg Biogas plant wanted Aline Telecomms to provide them with 100 percent Wifi coverage across the whole plant. A wireless network link was the perfect solution to distribute the internet across the far end of the plant for an access point as well as a monitoring system. Read more in our case studies section.

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