About us

All about Aline Telecomms Ltd.

Aline Telecomms was formed as a limited company 3 years ago, prior to that it was a side line business to a full time job for Roger Bell the managing Director, Roger has been in the industry for over 40 years, serving as an apprentice in the then GPO before it was re-named post Office Telephones before finally becoming British Telecoms, Roger left BT and since then has worked with some of the major players in the telecom world such as Plessey, GEC, Philips, NEC and Samsung, expanding his knowledge and experience within telecommunications as well as public address systems before moving into what was then a new technology, data!!. Obtaining qualifications in this new industry while it was very new and exciting was a major step and opened up further areas to grow his knowledge and experience.

Staying in the industry for this length of time and with the wealth of knowledge gained, Roger has traveled to many parts of the world, sharing his knowledge as a technical training instructor teaching engineers and technicians from across the globe whilst continuing to expand his own knowledge and gaining certifications and qualifications.

Education has been an important factor all the way through Roger’s history and continues to be, ensuring that both he and his staff benefit from personal development and knowledge as Aline Telecomms expand its product portfolio.